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Last month Justin Lewis of LewisTech Engineering contacted me in need of a branding identity for his company launch this August. LewisTech will be providing all sorts of technical services from machinery repair to CNC machining. Pretty much a jack-of-all-trades, high-tech handyman.

He provided me with images of different machinery and tools that are used in his industry and from there I began sketching. I wanted to nod at his industry but not be too obvious with the graphic.

LewisTech Sketches

Once feeling solid on the concept I began creating the logo set on my computer. I went with the caliper and cog - I liked the way they also represented new ideas in motion and heritage of the skill set with the older style caliper. 

I decided to go with a modern color palette to appeal to a wider audience and thus make his services more accessible to his customer base. 

Lewistech EngineeringLewistech wide logo

He was quite happy with the set and now that the business is launched I can let the cat out of the bag. Go check out Lewistech at @LewisTechEngineering on facebook!


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