Seaflower Logo Design

Logo Design

Denise Sonmor is an incredibly talented artist from Sydney, Nova Scotia.  I had the utmost pleasure of working with Denise this week on her branding for her quickly growing business. Denise's work is seriously beautiful, she puts so much care and attention into what she creates - up until this week, she hand drew and colored all of her business cards!

She wanted something that represented her earthy hippie aesthetic and with a vibrant color palette. She provided examples of her artwork and jewelry to help me with creating a sense of mood. A number of her paintings featured this beautiful ribbony like flower that I just couldn't resist drawing.

Denise Sonmor

It was a truly collaborative process - Denise provided sketches, gave feedback on the color palette. It's always daunting designing for another creative individual (especially one who is so talented) but it was really nice to create in a collaborative process. 

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