Louisbourg Market April 26th

Louisbourg Louisbourg Market Market

Thursday, April 26th was the opening day of the Louisbourg Market, an artisan market which was organized for various cruise ship visits where the passengers will be visiting our community. 

Unfortunately the morning of the market we discovered that the first cruise ship had to turn around due to rough waters preventing the ship from docking.

But that didn't impact the market! What an amazing turn out from the community! I couldn't believe that, on a Thursday afternoon of all days, there was such an outpour of support. It was so incredibly heartwarming.

Basket Winner - Reverend Emily Duggan

Reverend Emily Duggan holding her basket of goodies she won.

Everyone who stopped at my table was excited and upbeat and so happy to see such an initiative taking place. They raved about the quality of work presented by the vendors, who were as equally pleased with how welcoming the community was. All in all it was a success! And a great dry run for what to expect on cruise ship days!

All About the Goat  Fog Tree Forest . Denise Sonmor

Above: All About the Goat Soap, Fog Tree Forest, and Denise Sonmor

Louisbourg is so near and dear to my heart and a big reason why I came back to the island was in hopes of building something here and helping to grow my community. As a member of the organizing team, I was doing double duty on the setup and promotion of the event, as well as organizing and selling my own product. 

There were lots of challenges to face in getting this to happen but with a great team we were able to make it a successful day. Bibiana MacLeod (our faithful leader) kept track of each vendor and ensured that we could accommodate everyone possible. Jenna Lahey ensured we had the space for the event, organized volunteers and really facilitated us being there. We had great volunteers help out with the setup and tear down as well as keep us stocked with coffee and tea for the vendors. It was really and truly a community effort. 

My Table

Here's my little table setup!

We even got in the newspaper! That's me and my momma in the small photos on the left, and Louise Carter in the large photo selling, hands down, the best crab cakes I've had in my whole life.


You can read the article here.

Being able to participate in this has meant the world to me, it was an amazing day that I'm still beaming from (seriously, big toothy grins over here). I hope to see this grow and evolve over the coming months (and hopefully for years to come!)

We'll be back in action Friday, May 11th! We'll see you all there!

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